Awaken The Leader Within

Bill Perkins

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The leader within you isn’t waiting to be born, only awakened.  All it takes is vision—a Blow Your Socks off Vision.  Exactly the kind of vision you’d expect to get when you follow Jesus of Nazareth.  In this book Bill shows you how following the greatest leader of all time can awaken your own leadership abilities.  Uncovering unexpected insights from Jesus' ministry, Bill gives you a close look at the character traits and practical competencies of a true leader.  Whether you’re leading your family, a committee, a church, a team, or a Fortune 500 company, this book tells you what it takes to Awaken Your Character and Awaken Your Skills.

What do others have to say?
“Awaken the Leader Within is a fabulous book.  Bill Perkins sets forth eye-opening leadership principles that can be put into practice immediately.” Ken Blanchard co-author of The One Minute Manager and Leadership by the Book.

“Jesus is the ultimate role model for leadership, and Bill Perkins offers keen new insights on how looking at Christ can help each of us, ‘Awaken the Leader Within.’” Laurie Beth Jones Author of Jesus CEO, Jesus in Blue Jeans, and The Path.

Table of Contents:

Part One: Awaken Your Character
1. Turn Your Potential Loose
2. Wear No Masks
3. Look Ahead
4. Lead the Change
5. Depend on God
6. Finish What You Start
7. Bridle Your Appetites
Part Two: Awaken Your Skills
8. Keep the Vision Alive
9. Flesh Out Your Values
10. Develop We-ism
11. Keep the Team United
12. Be a Change Master
13. Put Others First