Six Battles Every Man Must Win

 Bill Perkins

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This best selling book, that has been translated into seven languages, details a step by step strategy for moral purity that really works.

What do others have to say about When Good Men Are Tempted?

"Bill Perkins writes with honesty, vulnerability, and remarkable insight.   Every man should read this book!" Dr. Les Perrot III, author of Saving Your Marriage Before it Starts.

Table of Contents:

Part One: Understanding the Struggle
1. Why Naked Women Look So Good
2. Why Other Women Look Better
3. I'm Caught and I Can't Get Loose

Part Two: Admitting the Struggle
4. Raise the White Flag
5. Drag It into the Light
6. Your Family of Origin
Part Three: Finding Freedom
7. Choosing Your Master
8. Discover the New You
9. Break the Addictive Cycle

Part Four: Living Free for the Rest of Your Life
10. Why Locking Arms Is Tough
11. The Lost Art of Buddyship
12. Pure Sex
13. Tools for Tight Corners