Give'em The Pickle...and They'll Be Back
 Robert E. Farrell & Bill Perkins

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In the process of opening 157 successful restaurants, Robert E. Farrell discovered some principles of leadership, teamwork, and customer service that are not only effective but transferable.  He and Bill Perkins are two of the most entertaining and practical communicators in the country.  Together they fleshed out the principles of Bob’s success in this fast paced, action-oriented book. 

 What do others have to say about Give'em The Pickle?

"Nike retail will be providing a copy to each of its employees.  Your presentations are inspirational and extraordinarily effective." Paul K. McGure Director of Retail

“Give’em The Pickle! should be mandatory reading for everyone in a service business—it hits the mark perfectly.”  Jeffrey D. Pinneo Vice President, Passenger Service