Keynote Addresses

Bill has addressed all sorts of audiences in all sorts of settings.  His quick sense of humor, clear communication style, and dynamic delivery make him a favorite at any event where you want the audience to be entertained.  But don't misunderstood what that means.  With the laughter will be a practical message of hope customized for the unique situation he's been asked to address.

Business Leadership Seminars

Bill provides companies with customized seminars geared to develop leaders and strengthen customer service.  Companies can choose from a menu that includes:

  • Building Customer Trust
  • Make Every Member of Your Team Feel Like a Hero
  • Turning Meisn into Weism -- Harnessing Opposing Forces on Your Team
  • Creating a Shared Vision
  • Dealing With Difficult People
  • Maximizing Your Potential
  • Customizing Your Message To Your Customer
Executive Communication Seminar

Bill will provide executives with the training and tools they need to strengthen their communication skills.  Whether they're writing a memo, an article, or giving a speech, these skills will enable your executive team to "Wow!" people with the way they communicate.

  • A Formula for Focused Communication
  • How to Make an Audience Laugh or Cry
  • How to Speak So Others Want to Listen
  • How to Persuade an Audience

Church Leadership Seminars

Bill will help your church discover how the wisdom of Jesus can unleash its potential.  During the Friday night and Saturday morning seminar, he will provide your church with:

  • The Skills Needed to Develop a "Blow Your Socks Off Vision"
  • A Strategy to Communicate the Vision
  • A Strategy to Harness Opposing Forces
  • A Strategy to Help Create a Change Oriented Ministry
  • Insights on Servant Leadership
Men's Retreats and Seminars

Bill has addressed men's groups across the country and is a popular author and speaker.  He is available to teach on the material in his books or as a faculty member of Man in the Mirror.  For more information on Man in the Mirror and the Success that Matters Seminar, go to their webpage at:

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